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Me and My Friend President Obama: Concise memos of my cooperations with The White House and CIA all around the hell

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My life is full of espionage and political memories. When I started my political activities and when I started to fight for freedom of people, I was only 14, one of the teenager Iranian boys. I got tortured extremely hard. Today (February 15) I’m in Turkey and I decided to write a book, a concise part about my cooperation with The White House and The Central Intelligence Agency and many years of cooperation with Human Rights Watch (HRW) and IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies); a few political leaders of England, France, agents of NSA (The National Security Agency, who didn’t let me to submit any top secret information, before.) and CIA agents and Mossad and Shin Bet (Shabak) and USSS (The United States Secret Service) and Microsoft communicated with me about what am I started to write now? All around the hell, staying in Russia where your bones would sense it’s very cold weather, inside of it’s deep underground city where you ask your self “How is it possible for some satellites with their warheads to track me here?”. During travel to Philippines with it’s sexy girls inside of the bars and clubs. In middle east, years ago, in dark and fearful deserts in Esfahan-Tehran highways in Iran smelling cold weather in my lungs causes a different filling for me about this hard and cold situation, the Animal Farm nearby and me On The Run, it’s about 2 AM and I am in my car, damn it’s so dark, from the side of the highway I hear something like a scream but no problem its only a nightmare what the environmental situation caused, my secret documents here in my briefcase! Doing violated activities causes a shame on our country. While Israeli and also British intelligence agencies are up to date and act for the current situation. I remember, many month ago, I informed The US President about that I like to write a book but I wrote for him that its subject will be about the latest US presidential election, while because of some accidents, what happened after sending this messages and also because of I received a vast variety of new information, so only a very limited part of this book is about the election. I remember The Great Britain had decided that one of their spies who was sick (because of the amounts of tortures on him) dies but some agents of UK and America and somewhere else, use his Identities to keep them selves alive, before of his death I had some communications (through satellites) with SIS and I had some secret communications with some US agents, some US agents who was sentenced to death, in Iran. This book is a great monument for people who want to increase their knowledge about the secret history and about the spies who died but they could not talk with them. It"s a pleasure that I included one of the notes what Bill Gates gave me before to submit it in my book. It"s a pleasure that I could receive only a few words from Stephen Hawking from a dictionary and I added them to my book. I decided to write a non-fiction book and describe the realities to researchers who like to learn more about some parts of my life and also some parts of president Obama’s life, for who like to gain more knowledge about me and about what happened recently in Iran, Turkey, Russia and England, the relations and the affections of the American’s policy on their policy.
A concise part of our private communications and what we did behind the closed doors to change the course of the world!

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